The importance of modern, high-quality broadband for developing business and growing communities. 

Broadband speed is becoming “mission critical” in many industries. Industries like medicine, entertainment, and finance require high speed broadband access for day to day functionality. It is simply essential for them to have symmetrical high speed broadband, offering the same high capacity and speed for both incoming and outgoing information.

BrightSky Networks offers a wireless solution, for the high performance, robust broadband. Business requires broadband infrastructure and services and it is our mission to bring the most reliable high quality service to businesses and organizations in the St. Petersburg region.

Download and upload with easeBut, it isn’t just high-tech companies with global reach who can benefit from faster connectivity. Slow or mediocre connections cost every business in terms of wasted time and poor productivity. Studies of workers in the U.S. and Europe by Sandisk showed that slow internet connections wasted one entire work week per year for every single worker in the country.

Hard to believe?

Think about it…at the median hourly income for an American worker, losing just 15 minutes per day to slow internet adds up to $1,061.50.

No business can afford slow internet. It is a daily drain, a constant drip, that dampens worker output and business productivity.

Better broadband leads to greater productivity and greater opportunities. The companies and regions with the highest growth rates are those with the fastest internet connections.

Advanced business options - cloud-based applicationsBrightSky Network brings today’s most dynamic and fastest growing companies the broadband connectivity that is vital to their growth and expansion. Our services offer the highest speed internet for uploads and downloads, creating seamless connectivity and for the most data-intensive practices, such as streaming and teleconferencing.

Discover what how BrightSky Networks can enhance your business connectivity today.

BrightSky Networks, Better Broadband Makes Your Business Better.