Local High-Speed Broadband FAQs

Who is BrightSky Networks?

BrightSky Networks is a new, alternative provider of a local high-speed broadband service, offering businesses more bandwidth and capabilities.  BrightSky Networks offers greater service, more business options, short installation times, Service Level Agreements, a user-friendly customer portal, and high-quality customer service.

What bandwidth do you offer?
  • 10 – 50 Mb for small-to-medium businesses
  • 10 – 200Mb for medium-to-large enterprises
  • 200Mb – 5Gb for large enterprises and custom network requirements

BrightSky Networks is happy to discuss the options available with you to deliver a broadband service that fits with your goals.

What other business options do you provide?

In addition to high-speed broadband, BrightSky Networks can offer VoIP capability, easier and faster access to cloud storage, back-up access, and purpose-built network solutions, among others.  A BrightSky Networks representative will be happy to discuss your business requirements to provide you with an optimal solution.


Purpose-Built Networks FAQs

What is a Purpose-Built Network?

It is a custom solution linking one endpoint to another endpoint, or to several endpoints, depending on your business needs.  A purpose-built network is built specifically for you whether you are looking for connectivity between campus buildings, or around several buildings in a metro area, or linking a data center to a corporate office, or connecting several points across large areas, or even to a sea landing point to connect to international markets.  A BrightSky Networks representative will be happy to speak with you about how this solution can be suitable for your business.

Why not use an existing network rather than build my own?

Many organizations are unaware of the availability and feasibility of building their own network compared with linking up to an existing one.  Most of the time, this is simply due to more recent developments in technology, the reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency of connectivity products, which have drastically improved and have become increasingly more available to businesses. The cost is also much more competitive.  For more information, please feel free to reach out to a BrightSky Networks representative.