Why BrightSky Networks offers you one of the most advanced broadband solutions!


BrightSky Networks hybrid skyline


  • Symmetrical Broadband offers super-fast upload and download speeds; most broadband providers offer high speed in only one direction.
  • Wireless technology offers greater flexibility.
  • Installation times can be days not weeks; no need to lay miles of cable which leads to expensive permitting and can cause delays.
  • Smaller environmental footprint, because of the use of fewer physical products and reducing the need for excavation.

Fast and Easy Installation

BrightSky Networks can provide you with a high-quality broadband service in a matter of days and weeks, not months and years like many other providers. With a simple site survey of your building, BrightSky Networks can assess which is the best way to deliver broadband to you. With low-rise and mid-rise to high-rise buildings, this can be done with a small antenna by your window depending on signal strength. In the case of mid-rise to high-rise buildings, an antenna by the window or a small rooftop antenna are ideal options for your business to get fast, dependable service.

Mid-rise and high-rise building installation

Low-rise building installation


Better Broadband Makes Your Business Better.