BrightSky Networks can be your primary broadband provider, connecting you to the world.  We can also act as your back-up provider ensuring your business has True Diversity.  We can also supplement your current broadband service with additional capacity and services.  BrightSky Networks can even build a custom network to suit the needs of your organization:

Purpose-built Networks

With purpose-built circuit development, BrightSky Networks can create a network that suits your business requirements by connecting specific endpoint locations.  From corporate office to data center, from data center to data center, from sea landings to data center, around a college campus or between medical facilities, BrightSky Networks can create a customized solution for you business.

Whether you are doing business across your community, across the region, around the country, or around the world, having high-speed broadband that allows fast data transmission is vitally important.

True Diversity

As an alternative provider, BrightSky Networks can help your business to increase bandwidth capacity without putting all of your eggs in one basket.  By using an alternative provider, businesses can offset their load balance between two providers AND have the peace of mind of a back-up provider to ensure they are always online.

The benefit of using an alternative provider is True Diversity. BrightSky Networks can provide extra bandwidth capacity, or act as a back-up provider, or implement a Disaster Recovery plan in the event of severe weather, human error, or a facility attack.

Most fiber infrastructure in the U.S. is buried underground within a few feet of the surface. What is not buried is usually mounted on utility towers, exposed to the elements.

Severe weather

This kind of fiber infrastructure, though robustly built, can still be affected by severe weather. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall can cause flooding and damage to underground fiber, while high winds and hurricanes can damage towers and other communications equipment. With power outages lasting from minutes to days, and sometimes weeks, there can be a high cost to businesses. Disruptions can be also be caused by human error. Human error

These can be network operation mistakes, or construction work and repairs accidentally damaging underground fiber and other infrastructure support. Cables can also be accidentally cut or poor decision-making can occur at fiber facilities, which can lead to power outages. Though rare, these incidents can and have occurred, which can affect an organization’s ability to operate.

Facility attack

Other potential disruptions come in the form of intentional attacks whether from cyber attacks over networks or physical attacks on key communications facilities such as telecoms plants and data centers.

It is vital for businesses to have a back-up plan to anticipate any of these scenarios.  It is important to consider factors such as geography, some of which are particularly prone to severe weather, and industry, some of which are high security targets.

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